Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gemma Patford

Gemma Patford
runs fashion label called NotToday out of her studio in Melbourne. NotToday is a small independent clothing label which embodies creative ideas with simple, recognisable, fun and above all comfortable designs. NotToday sells a variety of handmade goods and clothing.

Gemma is primarily a pattern maker and seamstress and her works are known for their use of colour, texture and popular forms. Gemma’s work draws heavily on popular culture references, primarily everyday objects enlarged and used in contrasting circumstances.

NotToday is stocked at Dagmar Rousset, I Like You, John Citizen and Hunter Gatherer in Melbourne.

Motorola DynaTAC Plushie 2010, 2010, felt, stuffing and pin backs

DynaTAC Plushie 2010.

Before the iPhone, before the Blackberry, before emails, there was the Motorola BRICK!

With the fax machine becoming gradually more affordable, the people of 1983 were looking for something new. iPods weren’t invented, and it was going to be several years before Sony had a Portable CD player with Electronic Skip Protection.

Retailing for about $4000, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000 was the hottest thing out, being cavorted about by Wall Street wheelers and dealers, corporate big wigs and Michael Douglas in ‘Wall Street’.

Gemma Patford’s take on the DynaTAC 8000 is similar on many levels. The call quality is poor, and it's still sans email and instant messaging.

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Insert Coin Here

is a group exhibition curated by Nella Themelios & Kim Brockett. The exhibition is part of the 2010 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival cultural program.

Insert Coin Here
comprises of two vending machines strategically placed in public spaces around the Melbourne CBD. Containing limited edition 'fashion objects' produced by over 60 Melbourne-based artists, the vending machines are activated when a member of the public inserts a $2 coin. The exhibition explores alternative interfaces of exchange for fashion, the mechanised system as a form of 'fashion dialogue'. More broadly, it thinks through discourses around public space and the role that fashion might play in it.

1 - 31 March 2010

Insert Coin Here is proudly supported by: