Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ellie Mücke

Ellie Mücke’s search for alternative approaches to fashion design practice began during her Bachelor of Arts (Fashion) degree, completed with distinction, in 2001. After a period travelling overseas, Ellie worked for a clothing company in Melbourne as a children’s clothing designer from 2004-2005. Frustrated with unsustainable professional practice of commercial fashion companies, she left to pursue her goals. Life experience from her travels and a strong belief in a more considered design approach undoubtedly inform Ellie’s current professional design practice. Her creative direction of reconfiguring second hand clothes and exploring interactive and collaborative design application through her label MüCKE are highly valuable examples of sustainable design thinking.

EnvelopE + MüCKE is also part of the of the 2010 LMFF cultural program.

Tee-sets, 2010, fabric

Each project I undertake deepens my understanding of sustainability in relation to craft, design and fashion. I have a passion for sustainable fashion design practice, particularly the handmade craft of fashion design using discarded materials. The outcomes of my work are intended to stimulate discussion and encourage imaginative design thinking in the broader community. Tee-sets are an imaginative and beautiful solution to fashion design waste problems. Each piece is handmade from discarded Tee-shirts; their aesthetic, a play with the texture and form. Tee-sets, provide wearers with precious handmade accessories that are affordable and skilfully executed. The vending machine distribution method is a new opportunity for the community to experience ways to purchase sustainable fashion designs.

Sharing my passions and skills as a fashion designer I hope to invigorate conversations about sustainable fashion design and the handmade in new ways. I believe that this will lead to deepening the communities understanding of craft, design, fashion and sustainability in their own lives.

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Insert Coin Here

is a group exhibition curated by Nella Themelios & Kim Brockett. The exhibition is part of the 2010 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival cultural program.

Insert Coin Here
comprises of two vending machines strategically placed in public spaces around the Melbourne CBD. Containing limited edition 'fashion objects' produced by over 60 Melbourne-based artists, the vending machines are activated when a member of the public inserts a $2 coin. The exhibition explores alternative interfaces of exchange for fashion, the mechanised system as a form of 'fashion dialogue'. More broadly, it thinks through discourses around public space and the role that fashion might play in it.

1 - 31 March 2010

Insert Coin Here is proudly supported by: