Sunday, February 28, 2010

Andrea Eckersley

Andrea Eckersley majored in Fashion through both a Bachelor of Design and Arts at RMIT before completing a Visual Arts Degree at Emily Carr University (Canada). She has exhibited at c3, West Space (Melbourne) and Instead Gallery (Vancouver).

Andrea is currently undertaking her Masters of Fine Arts (Painting) at Monash University.

Jazz Hands, 2010, fabric

Andrea Eckersley is primarily interested in the way the body interacts with abstract shapes, both 2D and 3D. Jazz Hands is a series of abstract fabric sculptures, designed for the hand. This set of 10 finger covers is forever missing the obscure fashionable gloves they may have come from. Fashion can be a multitude of things, from a business to an art to an attitude. But one thing that is consistent through these various accounts is the experience of the dressed body in space and time. The city is itself a fashion spectacle, a parade of bodies and styles. Jazz Hands joins this parade, offering the wearer a chance to flaunt a fancy pinky or hide that precious pointer in your pocket. Be fabulous with a furry digit, or sparkle with sequins, Insert Coin Here offers access to jazz hands on the go.

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Insert Coin Here

is a group exhibition curated by Nella Themelios & Kim Brockett. The exhibition is part of the 2010 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival cultural program.

Insert Coin Here
comprises of two vending machines strategically placed in public spaces around the Melbourne CBD. Containing limited edition 'fashion objects' produced by over 60 Melbourne-based artists, the vending machines are activated when a member of the public inserts a $2 coin. The exhibition explores alternative interfaces of exchange for fashion, the mechanised system as a form of 'fashion dialogue'. More broadly, it thinks through discourses around public space and the role that fashion might play in it.

1 - 31 March 2010

Insert Coin Here is proudly supported by: